Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"ToyCyte Trick or Qee Gigan

The bounty includes over $700 of Toy2R merchandise: one 16-inch Qee figure, one 8-inch Hellboy Qee, six 8-inch DIY Value Pack figures, thirty 2.5-inch Qees from various assortments (Kozik Redrum and Potamus, Rolito, Baseman, Dalek, Spiderboom, Mutafukaz, etc.), three 2.5-inch Pumpkinator Qee Bears, rare figures like the Budweiser Qee set, three Toy2R Qee t-shirts and an assortment of new figures which could include the China Artist Series, the Design-A-Qee series, the Alice Cherry Blossom series, and more!